MUSTELA Gentle cleansing gel, 500 ml Бебе Козметика
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MUSTELA Gentle cleansing gel, 500 ml

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Категории: Бебе Козметика


Proven EFFicacy
Thoroughly cleanses while respecting newborn(1), baby and child’s skin and delicate scalp. Soothes the skin and compensates for the drying EFFects of bathin gr Tear-free formula.
Pleasurable to use
Leaves a unique scent on the skin.
Available in big format and in pump-dispenser bottle!
(1)Babies out of NICU
Proven by science

Gently cleanses the skin and hair: 100% agree(2).
EFFective softening and soothing properties: 98% agree(2).
(2)Clinical study conducted under dermatological and pediatric control on 59 babies, including infants under 3 months, over 3 weeks (self-assessment).

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