MAXMEDICA KOENZIM Q-10 30 mg капсули, 30 Коензим CoQ10
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MAXMEDICA KOENZIM Q-10 30 mg капсули, 30

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Coenzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant, helps the function of cells in the body, as well as heart muscles and blood vessels, and increases the general vitality of the body.
The Coenzyme Q10 product contains 100% natural coenzyme Q10 of top quality.
The main advantage is that it comes in a gelatinal state, making the EFFect stronger and longer lastin gr The liquid formulation of our product increases the increase in coenzim Q10 in plasma and operates from 5 to 8 hours from the moment it is entered into the body. It is intended for people who want to maintain vitality, with predispositions to heart problems and carcinogenic changes, as well as for anyone over 40 years of age.
Four key facts about Coenzyme Q10 preparation:
Our heart requires large amounts of Q10 coenzia to produce energy every day
Over time, the amount of Q10 that our body naturally produces, as well as the overall level, decreases by as much as 65%!
Using cholesterol-lowering drugs, normal levels of coenzim Q10 decrease by as much as 40%
Coenzyme Q10 can be obtained from a diet, but not enough to cover the body’s needs.

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