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VIRANTO FORTE SIRUP 100 ml VIRANTO Forte is syrup with a NATURAL composition that is an effective remedy for colds and flu.

Its strong effect on viruses has been clinically proven!

Viranto Forte syrup should be taken IMMEDIATELY, within 2 hours after the first symptoms of cold and flu occur. It has been clinically proven that, when applied in the first 2 hours after the appearance of the first symptoms of colds and flu, in a therapeutic dose, it is effective against the virus.

Viranto Forte also has an effect on bacteria of clinical importance – it is a natural antibiotic!

If you give Viranto Forte in the first one to two hours of the first symptoms, the child can be monitored, and you can wait 2 to 3 days before using antibiotics and other supportive therapy (antipyretics, analgetic, nasal drops), without fear of any complications, even if it is a bacterial infection.

ИСПОРАКА во Скопје правиме истиот ден за нарачките реализирани до 10ч. Во спротивно испорачуваме следниот ден. Испораката вон Скопје е +1 ден. Цена на испорака во Скопје е 45 денари, вон Скопје е 100 денари.