Probival + vitamin c + zinc капсули, 10 Бебе & Деца

Probival + vitamin c + zinc капсули, 10


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Probival C + Zn contains Saccharomyces Boulardi, the only good fungus of incredible efficiency! Due to its proven efficiency, it was named the number one probiotic bacterium in the world!

Bulardi is a very resistant fungus – resistant to acidic stomach environment, and unlike good bacteria, it is resistant to antibiotics!
Probival + C + Zn is recommended as the best probiotic to be taken with antibiotic therapy!

Probiotic + C + Zn is unique because it also contains the recommended daily dose of zinc and vitamin C.
Zinc supplementation reduces the duration of diarrhea and alleviate the symptoms! Vitamin C will recover the energy you need during the exhausting diarrhea.

Thanks to its unique formula, Probival + C + Zn cleans the bowels and stops all symptoms within two days!


Saccharomyces Boulardi + Prebiotic Inulin + Vitamin C + Zink

Probiotic + C + Zn is a symbiotic – it contains a probiotic fungus and prebiotic inulin.

Saccharomyces Boulardi – number one probiotic in the world!
100% RDA of zinc – accelerates regeneration of the intestinal mucosa and strengthens the immune system
100% RDA of vitamin C – reduces fatigue and exhaustion associated with diarrhea.

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