Maxmedica активен јaglen капсули, 20 Гасови & Грчеви
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Maxmedica активен јaglen капсули, 20


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Категории: Гасови & Грчеви

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Дневна дампинг акција


Helps with bloation, gases and aerofagy (unconsciously swallowing air during eating).
Detoxifying the body with active coal is quick help when needed not only in resolving current problems, but also in general rehabilitation of symptoms of bloating, hangovers, and even problems with the skin and gums.
As an integral part of the home pharmacy it is desirable to have it with you on the road, vacation and on excursions.
Use and application of active coal
Active coal, among other substances, was used to treat certain disorders and diseases, including hyperlipidemia, liver, billiard tract and kidney disease. Also, orally inflated active charcoal lowers cholesterol levels, reduces bloating and the amount of intestinal gas. Active coal is a gastrointestinal absorbent and can have hypoholesterolemic activity.

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