Uriage HYSÉAC purifying oil масло за миење, 100ml Акни Третман Kiwi.mk
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Uriage HYSÉAC purifying oil масло за миење, 100ml


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Uriage HYSÉAC purifying oil масло за миење, 100ml

Make-up remover cleansing oil for oily skin, ideal for face and eyes. Leaves no residue, leaves skin fresh and perfectly clean.
Proven efficacy on oily acne-prone skin.

Contains black cumin oil, known for its purifying properties, with a keratoregulatory action of malic acid to remove pores and reduce excess sebum, and antioxidant Vitamin E that instantly brightens the face after application.

Its gentle sunflower oil cleansing base is suitable for use on the entire face and even removes waterproof makeup.

Press the dispenser 1 or 2 times on the palms of your dry hands. Apply to dry skin, massaging gently and in a circular way to remove impurities and stimulate blood microcirculation. Next, add a little water to your face and continue massaging to emulsify the texture until you get a silky milk. Rinse with plenty of water and your soap-free foam gel

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